A movement of Change 

Dellasie wants to change the way Africans are perceived in the media and entertainment. She would like to change the conversation in music on a global scale with music that is smart and relevant to social issues -- but still fun, rhythmic and deliciously infectious. 



​​​​DELLA$IE  is the next afrofuturist icon. She is a Ghanaian singer, song-writer, and public speaker born in NYC. A diversely talented artist, with a lot to say and share with the world. Her style is a unique blend of her New York City and Ghanaian cultural influences. This is one of the things that makes her brand of afrobeats so unique. 

As a young girl growing up in NYC, DELLA$IE was exposed to a lot of music. From the greats like Miles Davis and Fela Kuti her father played -- to the edgy hip-hop sounds her sisters played, her tastes were born to be diverse. Add in 10 years of church choir and classical piano training and it's clear that DELLA$IE was a well-rounded artist from the very start of her journey. After graduating from the United Nations Int'l school with an International Baccalaureate -- Dellasie went on to Emory University in Atlanta where she began career in music and media....

While attending EMORY UNIVERSITY DELLA$IE interned for DON DIVA magazine. She went on to interview one of her idols -- Talib Kweli (who would later become a great influence and mentor to her). He sparked her dream of becoming a successful hip-hop artist. She put together a demo which landed her a chance meeting with Pharrell William's label -- Star Trak. She thought it was her big break. Although promising, it didn't pan out after Star Trak split from Arista and disbanded.... Not to be discouraged, Dellasie completed her degree in Marketing and Journalism, and returned to New York City with a plan.

DELLA$IE used her media skills and continued interning at various media outlets. Her tenacity landed her a marketing job at BET NETWORKS. During that time she created her own lifestyle blog [COOL CRUEL WORLD] that showcased talent from the A-list to the underground of music and fashion. With her blog's success, she was able to use her network to relaunch her career as a hip-hop artist. It was a well-executed plan that would prove to be life-changing.

Since then, DELLA$IE has participated in many concerts, shows and festivals around the world. She completed 3 projects before taking a special trip out to Ghana in 2013 that inspired her to transition from traditional hip hop to afrobeats. Growing up she traveled to Ghana very often. A large portion of her family lives there, and she always felt this important aspect of her life was missing from her music. She was inspired to take her life experiences in Ghana and mesh it with her life experiences in NYC. The outcome is her delicious mashup of afrobeat sounds with NYC sensibilities.

Since transitioning from hip hop to afrobeats DELLA$IE has been warmly embraced by the African community -- performing internationally around Europe and West Africa. The turning point was when famed hiplife icon -- Reggie Rockstone tapped her to remix VVIP's smash hit "DOGO YARO". This got the attention of the afrobeats industry internationally, with the record and video getting airplay all over Africa. Subsequently, DELLA$IE got the coveted opportunity of performing at the MISS GHANA UK beauty pageant in London... This marked her official dive into the world of afrobeats.


Now, she is taking the world by storm with her brand of afrofuturism. She has partnered with major brands such as MICROSOFT and YOUTUBE that have been integral in helping her spearhead the new afrobeats movement in the U.S.... She is well known for her high-energy performances, witty wordplay, bold lyrics and unique sense of style. She has built a brand that encompasses fashion, style, and art in ways that reflect the movement of what many call, "New Africa". 

DELLA$IE continues to hone her craft and create songs that are iconic and relevant to the diaspora. She is a common fixture at fashion week in New York, Paris and London. Her personal style catches the eyes of many and she has been seen in publications such as NEW YORK TIMES, VOGUE, H.O.N.Y, PEOPLE MAGAZINE and more. She believes her visibility in these spaces pushes the idea of inclusion and more diverse beauty standards. She continues to influence through her reinvention and style. She does speaking engagements and participates in mentorship programs with the community youth when she is not writing her next hit. She also works as a muse for several high-profile photographers, and friends around the globe.

 "It's all about : patience, progress and positivity", says [DELLA$IE]( "You have to be tenacious and chase your dreams with a bold intention. You need absolute determination and faith. I've come a long way but I have even further yet to go. I'm extremely focussed on my goals. I will get there at exactly the right time. I trust the process. I trust the timing."

An artist and a visionary

Dellasie is an artist with a deep passion to bring her vivid visions to life -- not only through her sound but visually. With a background in photography, fashion, and classical music these influences are a constant reference in her art. The vision is clear -- to bring the spirit of passionate and meaningful music back into popularity. To push the boundaries of conventional sounds and genres with new twists on classic ideas. To show the world that black voices, minds, and contributions to art truly matter. Particularly women in modern day hip hop. The vision is to unite the world on this mission.  Music is only the beginning of this journey.